Logan Villa & Apartment

About Family Kovačev

Family name Kovačev in Kaštela area dates from 1566 and is one of the few indigenous families in this area.

Today's Villa Logan was built in 2012. with the original purpose of a family home. The realization of the idea of renting this object for the purpose of a holiday home was launched 2015, when a family business was also started, related to the activities of providing a holiday home rental service to our guests.

In parallel with the beginning of the rental of Villa Logan as a holiday home, we also renovated an old house by the sea, where a beautiful apartment is located today.

Villa Logan and Logan apartment are wholly owned by the Kovačev family, build and restored for rental purposes, and both objects provide professionally managed accommodation for rent in desirable neighborhoods.

Year after year, we have been carefully study the feedback and reviews from our guests in order to continuously improve the business in all segments, starting with your inquiries, reservations, and your arrival in the objects, where you are welcomed by the Kovačev family members and their support during your visit.

The guarantee of superior service and unforgettable vacation is achieved through continuous investment in the quality of rental services, investments in facilities and related contents, and already achieved confidence from our dear guests, who have recognized the benefits of this kind of family business and approach from the Kovačev family.

We are extremely proud to have "Dalmatia Green" and "Dalmatia Bike" Certificates of Excellence.

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